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Truck Task is a privately owned and patented invention. It began when inventor David Grant of Brewer wanted to improve the function of the snow plow. Truck Task is the interface between a pickup truck and any truck equipment such as a forklift or a power broom. It makes heavy construction machinery affordable for a broad range of end users, including contractors and farmers. Truck Task will create a Maine-based industry. We have an agreement with a local manufacturer for the primary unit, and are currently in negotiations with other tool fabricators. 

TruckTask with plow in right postion

Towing Cars

Fork lift attachment

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Bucket attachment


Jib Crane rear attachment

TruckTask is the interface between your truck and any truck equipment

Adding TruckTask to a vehicle is a quantum step forward: it turns your truck into a multi tasking helper. With TruckTask, your truck can be a snowplow, a forklift, power broom, or most equipment used in construction.

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Overview video on facebook was Greenlight Maine contest entry